Masterplan Turnhout 2013-2014

Masterplan Schorvoort Turnhout is a plan drawn up following the ‘Pilot Project Housing’, initiated by the Flemish Government Architect and started in 2013.  The study was commissioned by four landowners – OCMW Turnhout, SHM de Ark, City of Turnhout and private owners.

Schorvoort is a 20th century residential area just outside the Turnhout ring road, characterised by a low housing density and a limited range of facilities. The master plan examines how the transformation of the existing residential fabric is made possible by increasing the density and diversity in the new housing supply. This makes the establishment of new district facilities relevant.

The residential development and the open space are grafted onto each other so that a residential landscape can be created that offers an alternative to the villa typology. Three landscape figures – Aa vallei, Hof and Veld – structure the developments. The residential densities within the residential fields are strongly increased and the construction zone is constricted.  Stacked and linked housing typologies diversify the housing supply in the neighbourhood.

A network of paths and slow roads connects the subprojects and makes it possible to cross the entire district on foot or by bicycle. These routes lead past open spaces that are responsible for controlling the water management of Schorvoort.

The clients have joined forces in a ‘ground coalition’ that allows for cross-border development, which means that numerous win-wins can be made.

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