Masterplan Hartwijk Eeklo 2014-2019

In 2017, the city of Eeklo acquired an inner-city site that had previously housed the AZ Alma hospital. The site is strategically located between the centre and the open space of the Lange Moeie. The project’s ambition is to develop the Hartwijk into a district that offers an alternative to peripheral living, which can attract young families but also creates housing for the growing population over the age of fifty and guarantees functional diversity as a basic condition for urban living.

Two figures structure the plan. The Oeverpark is a green zone, only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, along a reopened watercourse that stretches over the entire length of the plan. Semi-enclosed residential areas or ‘closes’ link up with the park and extend the public space with collective space and private gardens.

The master plan integrates the heritage, provides space for services, retail, allotment gardens, childcare, co-housing and care homes.

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