The Blueprint ‘The Stack. A vertical, circular building for stacked manufacturing’ was published.

Dockside Brussels published in ‘Brussels Housing. Atlas of Urban typologies’. Birkhäuser 2023.

Essay by Bram Aerts in Hybrid Factory Hybrid City, Actar Publishers 2022

Leietheater published in Vorteile

A view inside the office was published in A+ 296

Ryhove Urban Factory is featured in Architectuurkwaliteit Vandaag.

The renovation of the office building in the Aarlenstraat and Trierstraat in Brussels published in A+ nr. 295

Designmuseum published in A+ nr. 294

As a Theatre, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts, 2020, EAN number 9789463930116

Leietheater published in Dimension nr. 61

Deelfabriek Kortrijk, DC Gentbrugge en Aarlen Trier published in A+ nr. 292


De Schoor, Schorvoort – Turnhout published in DORPSE ARCHITECTUUR

Ryhove Urban Factory published in Composite Presence

LEIETHEATER DEINZE PUBLISHED IN Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #3 Inventories


Design Museum Ghent published in A +285

Competition Design Museum Ghent published in AV proyectos 099

Ryhove Urban Factory published in Flanders Architectural Review N°14

Ryhove Urban Factory published in A+ 284 special edition

De Schoor Turnhout published in A+ 283

City Made published by nai I 010

Leietheater Deinze published in De Standaard

Dockside Brussels published in A+ 280

Ryhove Urban Factory published in book of the EU Mies Award 2019

Ryhove Urban Factory published in A+ 273


Ryhove Urban Factory published in Belgium New Architecture 7

Kerkhofhuisje published in Provenciale architectuurprijs 2015

Cahier #003 Archipel

Cahier #5 Duurzame transformatie

Pilootprojecten Wonen

Pilootprojecten Collectief Wonen

Architectuurboek Vlaanderen n°11 2014

Pilootproject Schorvoort published in A+ 249

Keperke Dilbeek published in De Standaard

Open Oproep

Leietheater Deinze published in A+ 254

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