Burg. Lionel Pussemierstraat Eeklo 2017-2022

Not far from the city centre of Eeklo, a residential building will define the southern edge of a new open space to be realised and will erect a facade on a forecourt that provides access to the municipal swimming pool. With a North-South orientation and a large building depth of 18 m, the plan finds a solution for good daylight conditions by providing an open circulation zone on the park side. The houses will be arranged around this open core. An external staircase will get daylight and offer a view of the park.

The all-round character of the building is enhanced by allowing the terraces to continue on all the facades. On the north side, the shallow balconies give onto the park. On the south side, deep terraces visually enlarge the living spaces. The curved facade line provides a segmentation of the facade. Slender columns that are placed in the facade support the terraces. The view of the square, park and city is framed in every direction.

atelier for transformative architecture & masterplanning