Makers’ district Arsenaal

The Arsenaal site is a large-scale, vacant train repair yard in the 20th-century outskirts of Ghent.

Commissioned by the City of Ghent and in cooperation with the NMBS and the Team Stedenbeleid, the question of how to transform a monofunctional workplace into an innovative, interlinked and connected urban node was investigated.

The master plan pays particular attention to combining the exceptional industrial heritage with new social needs and corresponding space requirements.

In addition to a spatial vision for densification and redevelopment of the city district, flexible and new forms of management for the site are examined.

The economic feasibility of the proposed concepts was evaluated in a valorisation model.

The master plan lays the foundation for an ambitious urban renewal project and a strategic direction and vision that allows the site to evolve into a ‘Makers District’, an ecosystem for businesses and the neighbourhood.


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