Deelfabriek Kortrijk 2020-2023

The old fire station in Kortrijk will be redeveloped as the deelfabriek [Dutch for the sharing factory], a meeting point where initiatives by citizens, the neighbourhood and the city can find each other. The deelfabriek wants to promote sharing as an alternative for ownership and stimulate empowerment, while various initiators can strengthen and improve each other.

The building “Tuighuizen” also called the old Fire station was built in 1940 and was classified as a heritage monument in 2003.

This particular building stands out because of the vertical volume of the tower with the glass stairwell next to the lower wings constructed in concrete and covered with a brick façade.

The design underlines a welcoming gesture given by opening up the building on the corner and situating a market hall on this location. It is a space where all participants can show their initiatives to the public and a social grocer can display his goods. In the heart of the building a series of ateliers is positioned, each has its own address on the courtyard that was opened up. The existing industrial warehouse will be renovated as a central depot.

In the tower a climbing club finds a home. The glass covered crown of the tower will be a unique meeting space under a sky that was edited by an artist.

The deelfabriek will become a beacon for the neighbourhood and far beyond and give the sharing economy a place in the city. Images: Stijn Bollaert

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