Administrative and Cultural Center Lovendegem 2017

The design puts the landscape in the foreground and the Administrative and Cultural Centre on the edge of the landscape. The building and the open space are connected to each other as complements.

Together with the church and the existing town hall, the new centre forms a triangle that spans the site and creates meaningful routes in the village centre. At the Administrative and Cultural Centre, these routes converge on an elongated forecourt that is flanked by the building. Each part of the programme is given an address. Over the entire length of the building one can look back at the old town hall, the church and the landscape that has been created in between.

The elongated building is an ensemble, a collection of related buildings, each with a unique character. Together they express the diversity of the programme. Only the council chamber with a multifunctional civic space on ground floor is placed into the open space. The most public part of the programme in the most visible part of the public space.


atelier for transformative architecture & masterplanning